SolaWave vs. Laduora, A Detailed Comparison

Solawave and Laduora are pain-free, non-invasive facial led light therapy and toning wands that help achieve radiant skin and flawless appearance. The skincare wands are devised to recondition the skin in an innovative, natural, and non-surgical way by combining all five dermatological technologies Red Light Therapy, Blue Light Therapy, Therapeutic Warmth, Microcurrent, and Sonic Vibration (facial massage)

While Solawave and Laduora both have the same underlying technology, the main difference is that Laduora also uses dual-led-light technology along with microcurrents.

On the other hand, Laduora Velve Pro skincare wand is a single device without any attachments or secondary skincare tool but it can be used for five different treatments like smooth fine lines / wrinkles, lifting, lymphatic drainage, and clearing acne.

I’ll go through their differences, and also the pros and cons of each. Let’s get started!

Laduora Velve Pro Wand


A mountain of studies confirms the immensely beneficial effects that red light has on the skin rejuvenation process. In short, the light gets directly absorbed by the deeper skin layers, skipping the invasive part like in skin needling, and straightaway stimulates the skin’s natural regenerative cascade.

Red light therapy successfully decreases the amounts of pro-inflammatory substances in the skin and reduces inflammation, one of the main factors responsible for skin aging. Most importantly, red light has been shown to increase fibroblast activity, production of collagen (the main skin-building protein). What has been confirmed by the studies, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines significantly diminishes.

Blue Light Therapy employs blue light of more than 400 nm that penetrates the skin as deeply as the upper dermis – from there, it works its magic… It stimulates the production of oxygen radicals that kill acne bacteria, all without damaging the skin.

Red light therapy is more effective than blue for anti-aging purposes. Blue light therapy can have some effect on mild, superficial scarring. However, red light therapy provides better overall skin restoration and scar healing. Aside from using blue light therapy to treat acne, it can also treat blackheads. The blue light penetrates the skin and kills the bacteria that causes blackheads.

In many cases, blue and red light therapy are used in combination to help fight acne for maximum results — the blue light targeting the acnes and the red light targeting inflammation and redness.

SolaWave vs. Laduora

A comparison chart is given below to figure out those differences.

Solawave Wand


Solawave Red Light Therapy Wand
Brand: Solawave

The SolaWave skincare wand is an advanced skincare tool that combines 4 powerful dermatological technologies together for the first time for at-home use – microcurrent, red light therapy, therapeutic warmth, and facial massage.

Solawave Wand


Solawave Blue Light Therapy Wand
Brand: Solawave

The SolaWave skincare wand is an advanced skincare tool that combines 4 powerful dermatological technologies together for the first time for at-home use –blue light therapy, therapeutic warmth, and facial massage.

Laduora Velve PRO


SolaWave vs. Laduora
Brand: Laduora

VELVE PRO is a revolutionary smart dual-mode skincare wand combining five clinically proven technologies – blue light therapy, red light therapy, microcurrent (red light therapy mode only), therapeutic warmth, and facial massage to help you achieve all your skin goals.

Solawave Wand
Red Light Therapy
Solawave Wand
Blue Light Therapy
Laduora Velve PRO Wand
Dual Light Therapy
Red Light Wavelength660nm660nm
Blue Light Wavelength 415nm420nm
Maximum Temperature100° F 100° F 108° F
Microcurrent 300 microA 300 microA
Battery Life60 mins 60 mins 80 minutes
Sonic VibrationTouch SenseTouch SenseDual-Use
Led Lights 5 LED Lights 5 LED Lights 12 LED Lights
Made FromAluminum AlloyAluminum AlloyAluminum Alloy
Warranty1 year1 year1 year
Return Policy30-day return 30-day return30-day return
Price$169 USD$119 USD$119 USD
SolaWave vs Laduora Comparison Chart

SolaWave vs. Laduora Amazon Reviews

SolaWave vs. Laduora Amazon Reviews

SolaWave vs. Laduora, Battery and Charging

The Laduora Velve PRO lasts about 80 minutes , which is the longest of the three skincare wands.

Solawave Wand Laduora Velve PRO Wand
USB ChargingWaterproof Magnetic

Take Away:

The major point of discussion comes when this side-by-side comparison brings us to the Dual Use feature (Red & Blue Light Therapy), 12 Medical Dual Leds, Price feature, and Battery Life. We can observe the price difference is relatively high, from Laduora PRO Wand with USD 119.95 to SolaWave Wand with USD 169.


The comparison helps us decide which option is fair on the pocket, Laduora Velve PRO advanced skincare wand for USD 119.95 to achieve the best results from other expensive competitor is a win-win purchase.

SolaWave vs. Laduora
Laduora Velve PRO Facial Wand


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